Waterway View

Waterway View is a Google Street View imaging program that captures and publishes 360 degree high-resolution photos of waterways, rivers, lakes, bays, canals, dive sites, and beaches. The mission of Waterway View is to educate, inspire, and motivate people to;

  • Enjoy boating and other water-lifestyle pleasures

  • Make responsible choices that value and preserve our clean water and marine life for the present and future generations

  • Strengthening economies of water-related business and industry


The two primary goals of Waterway View are;

  1. Imaging above, below, and along side the surface of the water. This enables people the ability to become visually familiar with the recreational and environmental surroundings and conditions of our waterways and bodies of water to aid them in planning and decision-making for whatever their purpose may be.

  2. Imaging inside of waterfront buildings so that people may become visually familiar with restaurants, resorts, marinas, shipyards, marine stores, and others as requested